Watch Buyers Journal


Believe the Hype’s Luxury Consultant partner:

Work + Play are proud to have embarked on a new in-house print design and publishing project: “TWELVE”

Watches being a big passion and the previous work of one of the Work + Play directors, we were well set up and connected enough in the indsutry to have a vision for a publication that would fill a gap. An educational publication, written by independent opinion leaders, and designed with exceptional quality and care, by designers, not publishers. A buyers journal for real buyers.

We’ve commissioned editorial and photography from some of the industry kings which will arm any reader with valuable buying knowledge and rich reference. We have even collated unique auction data and analysis to provide factual guidance on watch investments.

We hope you like it! We’ll be telling you lots more over the next month or so…

Email with any questions.

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Jacob Tomkins
Founder, Work + Play